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Ayurvedic Cooking Classes

Talya’s educational and inspiring cooking classes give you the skills to cook delicious, nutritious meals with ease. Private and public classes are hands-on fun!

Recipes, personalized nutrition, delicious cuisine and Ayurvedic wisdom are always a part of your class.Learn more about my classes

Catering & Personal Chef Services

Getting married, throwing a party, planning a retreat or festivity? Talya's Kitchen Catering enhances your event with dynamic and creative menus, amazingly delicious food, lots of love and flexibility to tailor to your event. Personal and Medicinal Chef Services. Have amazing, nourishing food you want and need, when you want it, delivered right to you (also available for pick up). Food that is medicine should look good, taste good and feel great. That's what food from Talya is like. When you're in need, Talya can provide you with rejuvenating, healing meals - custom prepared specifically for you. Talya cooks in accordance with Ayurvedic principles of health and wellness, with a sharp palate for deep nutrition, digestibility and deliciousness.

Yoga With Talya

Talya teaches private Alignment Hearted Yoga (all levels). In addition to her Iyengar background and 15+ years of teaching, Talya is a 500-hour certified Prajna Yoga Instructor.

With her background in holistic health care, Talya offers yoga instruction that focuses on anatomical alignment, mindfulness of breath, meditation and the use of props that protect and deepen the yoga practice. Her clear and warm teaching style attracts and inspires students of all levels and abilities.

Private Yoga Instruction with Talya is available by appointment only. Contact Talya at: to set up your appointment, or ask to connect with her for a 10-minute consultation so you can determine if this is a great fit for you. You can also study yoga (and Ayurvedic cooking) with Talya online at

Seasonal Online Cleanse Programs!

Join Today... Talya's Ayurvedic Cleanse Experience!

New to Cleansing? An Experienced Cleanser? Everyone is WELCOME!

Next Cleanse: The Spring Reset!
* Stay Tuned for Dates!

Register Today

Join Talya's guided, 7-day, food-based cleanse rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom, modern nutrition and the yogic observance of Saucha - purity and cleanliness.

In addition to a 60+ page manual that sets you up for long-term health and success, Talya's cleanse supports you with a detailed orientation workshop and unlimited email support throughout the duration of your cleanse - specific to the season in which you are cleansing! Engage with the cleanse manual and Talya's daily morning emails at your own pace and refer to them again and again throughout your cleanse.

For every cleanse, the cleanse dates are set. This is so we can join together in community. However, you can cleanse anytime that is convenient for you. The set cleanse dates are the days when unlimited email support are accessible to you.

In Talya's Seasonal 7-Day Cleanse Experience, You will:

• Eat, Not Fast
• Strengthen Your Immunity
• Look and Feel Radiant
• Cultivate Self-Awareness
• Decrease Colds & Allergies
• Rest & Nourish Your Body
• Stimulate Natural Weight Loss
• Prevent Emotional Overeating
• Learn & Practice Ayurveda
• Be Inspired and Have Fun!

Beginners are ENCOURAGED yet this cleanse is effective for seasoned and experienced cleansers as well. Everyone is Welcome!

The Ayurvedic Cleanse Experience with Talya

Note: Please be aware that this registration payment is non-refundable. If an unexpected life event occurs that makes it impossible for you to participate, please contact me right away and we will work out a way to apply your fee to a future service or event that I offer. Cleanse manual purchases are non-refundable and cannot be applied to other services or offers.

This cleanse cultivates new internal awareness – specifically in the areas of food, body care, sustainable health and elimination.

The intention is for you to create long-term, sustainable, health-giving food habits while helping you to detox, release and feel more free in your body, heart, mind and spirit.

Talya's 60+-page cleanse manual is super-organized and easy cleansing recipes can be utilized over and over again. You won’t go hungry as this is a food-based cleanse where eating is encouraged and proteins are emphasized.

• Don't cook? Don't worry! There are plenty of tools you'll receive on how to make this cleanse fit for your lifestyle.

Talya’s Cookbooks

Talya’s Kitchen Ayurvedic Cookbook 

An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Nourishing Your Nature- is an essential in your kitchen. These cookbooks also also make fantastic gifts- Order here!

The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen

The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen shows you how to follow an Ayurvedic diet without the use of animal products. Talya created over 120 new delicious recipes that provide healing flavors and harmony to the mind and spirit. Order here!

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