Personal and Medicinal Chef Services

Catering & Personal Chef Services from Talya’s Kitchen

“I find myself wonderfully satisfied with a feeling of complete nourishment, all without the feeling of “fullness” I feel after other meals. Throughout the week I find myself wishing I had one of your meals!”Sonrisa, Santa Cruz

“I discovered you through a retreat in Woodside. You catered the retreat – the food tasted and made me feel amazing!” – Rachel, Santa Cruz

Benefits of Nourishment from Talya’s Kitchen

  • Food Infused With Ayurvedic Wisdom
  • Convenient & Made Especially For You
  • No dishes, No waiting in lines
  • Delivered To Your Door or Available for Pick Up
  • Live, Healthy, Fresh, Organic Ingredients
  • Better For You Than Any Other Take Out Food Around
  • Meals are Prepared With Your Personalized Nutrition in Mind
  • Feel Satisfied, Energized & Fulfilled

$65.00/hour, plus the cost of groceries. Includes shopping, cooking and delivery. Pick-up options are also available.

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