Ayurvedic Pulse Readings & Nutrition Consultations

Based in the Indian & Tibetan forms of Ayurvedic Medicine, Ayurvedic pulse readings reveal your Prakruti (your dosha, core constitution, or birth pulse) through the interpretation of your unique pulse or “blood song”.

Understanding your core constitution, in addition to whatever current imbalances you face, can help you make a connection to the specific foods and practices that will help you feel the best, as well as help you more deeply connect to who you are and what you’ve come into this life to accomplish.

The goal of nourishing your Ayurvedic nature is to cultivate the most balanced, vital, thriving, and happy version of yourself.
You’ll walk away from your pulse reading with a deeper understanding of who you are elementally, and an array of Ayurvedic foods, tools, and practices compiled especially for you to reach your most optimal health now.

How an Ayurvedic Pulse Reading Benefits You:

  • awaken your life purpose and potential
  • gain tools for feeling great in your body
  • know what foods & practices keep you most balanced
  • have more energy and stamina
  • improve your immunity and overall health
  • know how and when to cleanse for your dosha body type
  • bring harmony to your emotions
  • learn profound practices for enhancing your self-care
  • find out what exercise and bodywork best serves your dosha

Sessions with Talya are available in person and via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom

“Even after only a few days of following your dietary change suggestions, I am feeling so much better – it’s amazing!  My whole body seems to be functioning much more smoothly!”Charlotte, Santa Cruz

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