7 day cleanse

The Ayurvedic Cleanse Experience!

7-Day Food-Based, Ayurvedic Cleanse, Re-Set, and Detox

Next Up: The Winter Restoration – January, 2018


Sunday, January 21st – Saturday, January 27th

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  • Have more energy!
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Re-set your metabolism
  • Boost your immunity
  • Get relief from allergies and chronic imbalances
  • Heal chronic indigestion
  • Release toxic build up
  • Lose excess weight
  • Feel AMAZING!
  • Feel more grounded, aligned, and strong
  • Decrease mood swings
  • Beginners are ENCOURAGED
  • Learn Ayurvedic medicine
  • Let go of coffee, sugar, food addictions, and unhealthy cravings

This 7 day guided, food-based cleanse is based in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern nutrition principles.

  • This effective cleanse cultivates your inner awareness – specifically in the area of food, eating habits, and how you feel in your body.
  • Create long-term healthy food habits while detoxing and releasing all that you no longer need.
  • The amazingly organized manual, simple homemade snack recipes, 7-day meal plan, and shopping list can be used over and over again. You won’t go hungry as this is a food-based cleanse where eating is encouraged and appropriate-for-your-body proteins are emphasized.

Join the 7-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse Orientation from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The 2018 Winter Restoration Cleanse is Coming! Upcoming Cleanse Dates:

Sunday, January 21st – Saturday, January 27th

The Orientation will be offered online – you can watch the orientation at your convenience.

Orientation: Participate in Talya’s cleanse programs from anywhere in the world! You’ll receive Talya’s Cleanse Orientation digitally upon registration, along with your 60+-page cleanse manual. An in-person health food store is offered to local cleansers, with sections recorded for everyone.

Details will be sent to you upon registration.

This 7-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse Experience Includes:

  • Health Food Store Tour for local cleansers (filmed for far-away cleansers)
  • A super educational and inspiring all-online orientation video series with Talya
  • 60-page Ayurvedic cleanse manual, including over 40 cleansing recipes
  • Unlimited daily e-mail support and cleanse coaching from Talya for the duration of your cleanse
  • Discounts on Talya’s one-on-one services (including Ayurvedic Pulse Readings, Nutritional Consultations, and Ayurvedic Massage – including long-distance Skype sessions!)

How To Register:

Register via paypal or send a check to:

Talya Lutzker, P.O. Box 3689, Santa Cruz, CA 95063.


The Winter 2018 Restoration CLEANSE is $175 (includes orientation, manual, 7 day support, etc).

The Price for Repeat Cleansers is $137.

7-Day Ayurvedic Cleanse – Manual pdf ONLY: $79

The Ayurvedic Cleanse Experience with Talya

Note: Please be aware that your cleanse registration payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. If an unexpected life event occurs that makes it impossible for you to participate, please contact me right away and we will work out a way to apply your fee to a future service or event that I offer. Cleanse manual purchases are non-refundable and cannot be applied to other services or offers.


I feel like you saved my life… So grateful for your guidance with my health. I’m feeling 150% better with new energy and clarity of mind. Thank you thank you! – B.R.

Thank you Talya for your daily inspirational emails with fabulous tips and shares. You are so gifted at what you do and you have so much to offer us, what a blessing to be able to do this cleanse with you! – S.O.

Talya, Thanks so very much for all your efforts with both yoga and the cleanse. I am hooked! I love all the recipes, inspirations, new foods, etc. I feel great! You really have changed my life – my husband’s too!
– M. D.

It was undoubtedly excellent, both from the knowledge Talya exhibited and her passion with Ayurvedic cleansing. She owns this knowledge at a personal level and provides personalized service to each of us. She is already taking us to the next level of learning. Her orientation was very valuable and worthwhile.
– V. S.

My biggest struggle was not temptation, but knowing how to put together the recipes that were intended to fuel my body for everyday functioning. In the end, I felt great and did not have a desire to return to old eating habits. I have lost inches off of my waist and in effect feel lighter. I have been able to cut down sugar and incorporate more healthy foods in my everyday eating. I have become more aware of my everyday eating.
– C.M.

I feel so much better. No aches and pains, no headaches, clearer sinuses (all after the first 2 days). It taught me just how much food and what we put in and on our bodies truly affects us. It’s a life lesson for me. I am inspired to go on for 2 more weeks. The hardest part is turning down dinners out, not the coffee and chocolate!

Thanks Talya and everyone for their support with the emails. It made it easier knowing others were going through the same thing and I love the tips and recipes.
– K.T.

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